Warhammer 40k Deathwatch; Death to the Xenos!

Final Sanction Part 2

Brother Altaris, Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Cadmus, Brother Kenshen, Brother Sephrom, Brother Willhelm
Full Final Sanction Rewards
XP total 1000
Renown 4

Total Character XP and Renown
Brother Willhelm 22300 Renown 48
Brother Altaris 14800 Renown 9
Brother Librarian Nakir 14800 Renown 9
Brother Cadmus 14500 Renown 5
Brother Kenshen 14500 Renown 5
Brother Sephrom 14500 Renown 5

Deserter Hunt

Brother Altaris, Brother Librarian Nakir, and Brother Willhelm were tasked with escorting an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus to a Deathworld in search of 50 deserters one of which with Latent Psyker abilities. The Inquisitor was a bit surprised that she was being escorted by Deathwatch members instead of a squad of local chapter Space Marines. In truth the brothers priority mission was to investigate a possible advanced drop of Tyrneids on the planet and the Escort mission being secondary. Their inquires brought them to the local and only Ecclesiarchy priest. Who through heavy handed interegation by Brother Altaris it was found that the deserters had indeed came to the planet and frightend him into not reporting it. After fighting off an attempt to silence the Priest into giving away the deserters location. With Brother Nekire divinations and Brother Willhelms chemical analysis they found the location of the rest of the Deserters. Happenance and the Emperors will also lead them to the hybernating Termagant Troops nest waiting for a hive mind to show. which The Kill-Team used grenades flammers and Imperial Navy bombing to eradicate. Upon coming to the secluded area that the Deserters had hidden themselves the Brothers and the Inquisitor began eradicating the Deserters for 10 of the group were leading the rest in a Dark Ritual to Slannesh. Using their Flamers, auto-matic Bolter fire, and Brutal use of a Power Axe they widdled down the hoard protecting the Ritual. Which Brother Nekire and the inquisitor used the Psy abilites to smite the Heretics into oblivion.

Full Deserter Hunt Rewards
XP total 300
Renown Total 4

Total Character XP and Renown
Brother Willhelm 21300 Renown 44
Brother Altaris 13800 Renown 5
Brother Librarian Nakir 13800 Renown 5
Brother Cadmus 13500 Renown 1
Brother Kenshen 13500 Renown 1
Brother Sephrom 13500 Renown 1

Final Sanction Part1

Your kill team of the following Brother Altaris, Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Cadmus, Brother Kenshen, Brother Sephrom, Brother Willhelm were sent to the planet Avalos, and the city of Lordsholm to aid Inquisitor Kalistradi (at her request) in the purging of a Genestealer infestation. Upon entering orbit our ship was attacked by Krakens and we escaped in an emergency drop pod. Thanks to a locator transponder signal of the Inquisitors we dropped through the roof of a Chapel to the Emperor in the Portica District where the Lordsholm 117th PDF were making a stand against Rebels(infected or controlled by a Broodlord) After Rallying the PDF and decimating the Rebels attacking the chapel. Their commander Captain Ascote in private with the kill team revealed that she is in fact a shape-changing Callidus Assassin named Syndalla. She revealed that she was the last of the Inquisitors retinue and the city is close to falling. she defered command and suggested the fallowing missions. Primary’s Locate Lordholm’s astropath Elsharn and get out a request for support using our Deathwatch cifers, and Find and destroy the Broodlord,disrupting his forces giving the PDF a chance to take back the City. As Secondary and Tertiary missions she suggested we clear out bands of Genestealers roaming the city, destroy rebel strong points and their leaders, aid pockets of PDF, acquire more arms and ammo. We decided to Leave Brother Nekire at the church (we lost connection) to secure a fall back point, rally the PDF, and Divine the location of the Broodlord. Brother Willhelm went to rig a bridge connecting the Magistra and Portica district with explosive the Rest of the Kill-Team (with a 10 man PDF squad) went to secure the Star Port and PDF Armories. After fierce fighting and with 2 sneaky genestealers and a large Rebel horde 2 of the armorys (1 rhino/APC) and the Star Port were secured. Brother Sephrom lost himself in the blood of Battle and has gone off chasing fleeing rebels.

Becoming a Deathwatch member
  1. Assembly of Kill Team – 35##
    ##Possible Team members Brother Altaris, Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Cadmus, Brother Kenshen, Brother Sephrom
    After each Brother was given his chapter specific leave taking to the Deathwatch, we were boarded on an Inquisitor ship and sent to the Jerico Reach. We were put into a large Arena with Multiple door access and slight defensible position in the center. We had different waves of Xenos attack us. We were Being watch and assesed on how we would work as a Kill team.

Total XP 500
Renown 1

Character XP Totals
Brother Altaris 13500 Renown 1
Brother Librarian Nakir 13500 Renown 1
Brother Cadmus 13500 Renown 1
Brother Kenshen 13500 Renown 1
Brother Sephrom 13500 Renown 1


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