Career: Assasin Rank: Sell Steel Home World: Feral Quirk: Tribal Tatooing/Scars
Divination: Thought begets Hersey! Hersey Begets Retribution!


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
65 33 39 55 50 31 38 44 33

Wounds: 25
Corruption Points: 13
Insanity Points: 26
Psy Rating:
Fate Points: 3
Psychic Powers:

Skills: Acrobatics+10, Awareness+10, Ciphers (Acolyte, Underworld), Climb, Common Lore (Underworld), Concealment+20,Deceive, Disguise , Dodge+20, Drive (Ground Vehicle), Inquiry, Literacy, Medicae, Navigation (Surface), Pilot (Civilian Craft, Military Craft), Scrutiny, Search, Secret Tongue (Moritat), Security+20, Shadowing, Silent Move+20, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Tribal Dialect), Survival, Tracking+10.

Talents: Ambidextrous, Assassin Strike, Basic Weapon Training (SP), Blademaster, Blind Fighting, Combat Master, Counter Attack, Deflect Shot, Disarm, Dual Strike, Hard Target, Hatred (Heretics, Mutants), Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Jaded, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Melee Weapon Training (Chain, Power, Primitive),Peer(cult(Death cult)
(Influence talent)) Pistol Training (SP), Precise Blow, Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Sound Constitution(11), Sprint, Step Aside, Storm of Blows, Sure Strike, Swift Attack,The Reaping, Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive), Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Wall of Steel.

Traits: Feral Worlder (Iron Stomach, Primitive, Rite of Passage, Wilderness Savvy). Death Cult Assassin (Preternatural Speed, Cult of Blood)

Armour: Synskin(Best Craftsmen)(AP 3; Head,Arms,Body,Legs, 2kg; Very Rare)

Weapons: 2 Power Sword(Best) (Melee; 1d10+5(1)E; 6; Balance,Power Field; 3.5kg; Very Rare
Gear: n.a.
Wealth: 1150 Thrones



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