Brother Willhelm

Black Templar Techmarine


Chapter: Black Templar Speciality: Techmarine Rank: 1

WS 46 BS 47 S (8)46 T (8)46 AG 42 Int 49 Per 41 WP 53 Fel 44

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Willhelm comes from a backwater feudal planet in which name has been lost in Imperial records. What is known is that the planet came under attack from an Ork WAAAAGH! The Black Templars came upon the planet when all the people thought all was lost. Raining from the sky, the drop pods and landing craft of the Templars were viewed as a great sign from the God Emperor. The Black Templars fought off the orcs and hunted until all were eradicated from the planet. Willhelm was but a teenager during this time but aside his blacksmithing duties and engaged in combat with the Orks before the Saviors from above came for their redemption. One of the Black Templar’s noticed Willhelm and was impressed with his fury while in battle as well as his spirit while battling the foes that sought to destroy his homeworld. The Space Marine, known as Garrett, took the youth under his wing and selected him for trials to become one of the honored Emperor’s chosen. Willhelm was honored and quickly started his training. While in training he became very connected with different machinery and their machine spirits. Once a full fleged member of the Black Templar’s he was selected to be sent to Mars to be trained in the ways of a Techmarine.

While on Mars, Willhelm quickly learned of the new areas of machinery and the ways of communicating and using machine spirits. Willhelm likes to talk to the spirit and honor when they do what they are told by the will of the Emperor, however if a machine spirit resists then Willhelm is very effecient in reconstructing them to better serve.

Willhelm has been an Astartes for over 400 years and it noted with service studs within his forehead, when he has his helmet off Willhelm is very pale with long, black hair and bright green eyes. The lower part of his face and mouth is covered by a cybernetic implant in which helps with communication in the sacred language of Tech-linga

Brother Willhelm

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