Brother Altaris

Tactical Ultramarine


KIA## Error ## Executive order Nex Est Non Terminus 002

Chapter: Ultramarine Speciality: Tactical Rank: 1

Non Armor WS 41 BS 42 S(8)48 T(8)41 AG 46 Int 49 Per 43 WP 45 Fel 54
Armor WS 41 BS 42 S(10)48 T(8)41 AG 46 Int 49 Per 43 WP 45 Fel 54
Wounds: 22 Fate: 2 Corruption: ## Movement: Half 4(5) Full 8(9) Charge 12(13) Run 24(25)

Trained Skills:
Awareness, Charm, Ciphers{Chapter Runes,DeathWatch}, Climb, Command(Armor + 10), Common Lore{Adeptus Astarates, Deathwatch, Imperium, War}, Concealment (- 50 Armor), Dodge, Drive{Ground Vehicles}, Forbidden Lore{Xenos}, Interigation, Literacy, Navigation{Surface}, Pilot {Personal}, Scholatic Lore{Codex Astartes}, Silent Move(- 50 Armor), Speak Language{High Gothic, Low Gothic}, Tracking

Trained 10%

Trained 20%

Basic Skills:
Barter, Carouse, Charm, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Search, Swim

Space Marine Talent & Traits:
Tactical Expertise,Second in Command{Air of Authority, Hatred{Tyrnaids}+ 10 WS Atk, Double Team, Rapid Reload


Name Damage Pen Range ROF Clip RLD Req Special
Astartes Bolter 2d10+ 5X 5 100m S/2/4 28 Full - Tearing,Metal Storm Rnds
Astartes Pistol 2d10+ 5X 5 30m S/3/- 14 Full - Tearing
Astartes Combat Knife 1d10+ 2(11)R 2 - - - - - Tearing

- Power Armor - History – Mk 7 – Cower not before the enemy(Command+ 10 & Concealment/Silent Move -20)
Charm Cingulum Marks of Leadership (+ 3 Regain cohesion & Resist cohesion Damage tests) Other Tactical Specialty Clip(Metal Storm Rounds) Master-crafted Bionic Respiratory System(+ 20 Toughnes vs Airborne Toxins), Bionic Hearts, Master-crafted Arm{left}(Str+ 10)


Altarise’s Family line originates from the now dead planet Prandium. His family was moved to Macragge during the Hive Fleet Behemuth incursion. Since that incident at least their Second Child has always joined the Academy Altaris being one of those chosen out of the Academy on Macragge as suitable to be come an Ultramarine. While serving in the Tenth Company during The Second War for Armageddon (941.M41) fighting the ork WAAAGH! Ghazghkull His Scout Squad Sargent and a Second Squads Sargent were killed in a surprise attack deep into enemy territory. Brother Altaris took charge of the Squads and lead then against over-whelming odds to complete the mission and get back to the main force with the valuable intelligence they had acquired. He only lost 2 of the 8 Marines he took charge of under his assumed leadership. Do to this exemplary behavior he was put directly into the 5th Company. Where he has served among the tactical squads where needed. His last Squad being the 3rd Tactical Squad before being sent to Serve in the Deathwatch.

After almost a year in the Deathwatch Altaris was stuck down while battling a Demon Prince of Slannish aboard a Space Hulk. He received great honors because his sacrifice lead to the return of an old chapter banner found aboard the Hulk and kept protected,in which his team had also had taken into their protection after his fall. He will forever have his named on the plaque of heros right by where the great Primarch Gulliman watches over them. ## Error ## Executive order Nex Est Non Terminus 002

  1. Subject was instated with Deathwatch cybernetics and due to brain anomalies affecting his memory it has been deemed he will become a full time Deathwatch asset. Should his Chapter memories fully return he may be fully returned to his Chapter.

Brother Altaris

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