Warhammer 40k Deathwatch; Death to the Xenos!

The Price of Hubris(4)

###Kill Teamn- 35###
##Mission Summary##
After Proving them selves to the Aurans during the Trial of the Hunt, Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Edmar, Brother Cadmus, Brother Calibas, Brother Kenshen,Brother Tarkus, and Brother Sephrom go to Grensvayl to deal with or pick up the trail of Genestealers. The Kill Team encountered and eradicated Genestealers both within the town of Grensvayl and its orchard. Also the managed to discover old Heretek corruption and recover Tech for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Kill Team also managed to bring the planet of Arum into the fold of the Empire in a peaceful way as well as Convincing the Aurans to be tested to be Space Marines for the Raven Guard*Priority*, The Dark Angels/ subsequent chapters, or the Blood Ravens***

All members of the Kill Team were rewarded with the Imperial Laurel and 2 Purity Seals.
Brother Willhelm and Brother Calibas the Machina Opus
Brother Edmar and Brother Cadmusthe Marksman’s Honor
Brother Kenshen the Prime Helix
Brother Sephrom a Devotional Chain

Total Xp 1675 (Assists 670)Willhelm and Calibas
Total Renown 4 Brett(5)any not at Renown 20 are now so if they were there (Assists 1)

Total Character XP and Renown
Brother Willhelm 24770 Renown 60
Brother Librarian Nakir 21275 Renown 45
Brother Edmar 20875 Renown 41
Brother Cadmus 19575 Renown 31
Brother Calibas 18875 Renown 30
Brother Kenshen 18375 Renown 25
Brother Tarkus 18075 Renown 29
Brother Sephrom 16975 Renown 20
BrotherSigismund 14000 Renown 5
Brother Bjorn 13500 Renown 1
Brother Eric 13500 Renown 1

Zaddion 16900 Renown 28
Brother Altaris 16100 Renown 25 KIA



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