Warhammer 40k Deathwatch; Death to the Xenos!

The Price of Hubris(3)-The Divested Hunt

Attended Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Edmar, Brother Cadmus, Brother Calibas,Brother Tarkus,Brother Sephrom and Brother Castiel with Brother Calibas and Brother Willhelm on ship and Brother Sigismund watching Gear (means no xp)

Total Xp 400
Total Renown 1

Total Character XP and Renown
Brother Willhelm 24100 Renown 59
Brother Librarian Nakir 19600 Renown 40
Brother Edmar 19200 Renown 37
Brother Calibas 18200 Renown 29
Brother Cadmus 17900 Renown 27
Brother Tarkus 17400 Renown 25
Brother Kenshen 16700 Renown 21
Brother Sephrom 15300 Renown 8
BrotherSigismund 14000 Renown 5
Brother Bjorn 13500 Renown 1
Brother Eric 13500 Renown 1

Zaddion 16900 Renown 28
Brother Altaris 16100 Renown 25 KIA


Im not sure if the renown is right i forgot to right it down for some reason.


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