Warhammer 40k Deathwatch; Death to the Xenos!

Distress and the Space Hulk part 2

##Kill Team – 35##
Attending members Brother Altaris, Brother Librarian Nakir, Brother Cadmus, Brother Kenshen, and Brother Tarkus

Status Report***
Brother Altaris – KIA
Brother Sephrom – Injured
Brother Olaf – Injured
Brother-Captain Uran (Grey Knight) – Injured

Xp: 1,000
Renown:(13) Altaris 14 Up to the next rank, everyone now has at least 20.

Total Character XP and Renown
Brother Willhelm 22700 Renown 52
Brother Librarian Nakir 16500 Renown 28
Brother Calibas 16500 Renown 23
Brother Tarkus 16500 Renown 23
Brother Altaris 16100 Renown 25
Brother Cadmus 15800 Renown 20
Brother Kenshen 15800 Renown 20
Brother Sephrom 14500 Renown 5


Steven’s Librarian was also present.

Distress and the Space Hulk part 2

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